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领军企业 Sponge City leader in permeable concrete engineering

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Aung Shi Introduction


彩色混凝土,压模地坪,透水混凝土,透水沥青,彩色透水混凝土 ;拥有丰富的施工经验,累计施工面积超过650万平方米。 Shanghai Angshi New Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in colored concrete, stamped floor, permeable concrete, permeable asphalt, and colored permeable concrete . It has rich construction experience and has a cumulative construction area of more than 6.5 million square meters.

Angshi focuses on the construction and formulation of technical specifications of the industry. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales and construction of ecological permeable concrete and colorful artistic stamping floors. Provide comprehensive and systematic solutions for the construction of sponge cities and garden cities.

Aung Shi can tailor construction solutions that meet customer standards and industry standards according to customer requirements and site structure, and meet customers' individual needs; give full play to the team spirit of sincere cooperation, for innovation, forge ahead, and continuously strive In order to provide customers with better advanced technology services with the trend of the times; creating a better life is the goal of Aung Shi's unremitting pursuit; with the core competitiveness of "professional quality, professional team, professional service" to improve the living art space Create endless ground decorative arts.

Five product series


Rich industry experience
Extensive industry experience

Focused for several years , Aung Shi has accumulated a construction area of more than tens of millions of square meters , and successfully paved more than 100 municipal government key projects , including 10 million homes.

Professional construction technology

Aung Shi is equipped with a complete set of professional floor paving equipment , introduces professional construction technical talents, and the construction team is regularly trained to hold a post .

Rich industry experience
Excellent service team Construction technology of USA

Aung Shi has an excellent engineering team , providing professional high-quality, one-stop floor solutions.

Dedicated working style

Angshi upholds its due diligence, honesty and trustworthiness to do tomorrow , maintain the company's flexibility and quickly solve customer problems , do a variety of work with high standards and high quality, and enhance the company's corporate image

Rich industry experience
Advanced machinery and equipment

Aung Shi has advanced technology , and introduces top-end machinery and equipment to create high-quality requirements for customers .

Key industry leading enterprises

Aung Shi guarantees your engineering excellence in all aspects. We have been consistent for years, serving every customer in good faith, and creating a production base for ecologically permeable road materials in China's sponge cities.

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