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Characteristics and classification of stamping floor

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The stamped floor is a realistic simulation of the materials and colors of many advanced building decoration materials on the concrete surface.The fading and indifference of the concrete surface have been changed, and the exposed effect is similar to natural granite, marble, volcanic rock, bluestone slabs, wooden boards and Masonry and so on. According to the difference in texture, the embossed floor is also called, but it may be divided into several categories: first, imitation stone imprint second, imitation brick imprint third, imitation wood imprint, among them, The texture of imitation stone is colorful, and we subdivide it, and some are called, irregular stone imprint, herringbone brick imprint, imitation marble imprint, sandstone imprint, imitation bluestone slab imprint, vintage stone imprint. Printed. The characteristics of the imprinted floor are that it can directly and realistically simulate the texture and color of many high-end building decoration materials on the concrete, and the exposed effect is exactly like natural bluestone slabs, wooden boards, volcanic rocks, etc. It can deliberately express nature The rough material, unevenness and complicated texture, combined molding, one-time paving, fast construction, and at the same time deal with the poor seating of ordinary colored pavement tiles, easy to loose up and down, short application cycle and other defects.

The clear characteristics of stamped floors in all landscape projects, and the characteristics of buildings, trunk lines, realistic landscape components, highlights and highlights. Principles of correctness: the correct exposure of the floor plan, concrete embossed floors and buildings The correct fusion of styles and the correct construction of plant communities. The popular humanistic principle: the color of the seats is beautiful and elegant, which guides people's visual impact and integrates the fashion. Coordinate the resettlement capital investment within the promised cost boundary, not only to study the effect at the moment of completion, but also to study the long-term effect, to reduce the cost of care in the later stage. Feasibility principle: the feasibility of design, integrated with the overall goal of the development of all architectural styles, Promote terrestrial efficacy. The performance of permeable concrete is basically similar to that of concrete. When planning the permeable concrete surface layer, reference should be made to the "Concrete Concrete Pavement Construction and Inspection Standard" (GBJ97) to request the installation of vertical and horizontal expansion joints. The thermal expansion of permeable concrete is greater than that of cement concrete, so it is permeable. In the construction of concrete pavement, the expansion joint interval is smaller than that of the cement concrete pavement, and it is set at about 30 ~ 50 meters. The thermal expansion properties of the permeable concrete pavement and other structures are different. Therefore, expansion joints should be set at the junction with other structures. . The basic performance of permeable concrete is similar to cement concrete, with different strength levels. The plan considers economical and reasonable. According to the different functions and uses of the road, you can choose the corresponding permeable concrete with different levels. The different functions and uses of the road.

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