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Shanghai stamping floor features

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The reason why stamped floors are so popular is that the stamped floors used in contemporary construction and decoration projects and landscape flooring are resistant to abrasion, slip, frost, hard dust, easy to clean, high strength, impact resistance, And in terms of color and style, it has a wide selection, flexibility, low cost and excellent environmental protection.It is a golden partner in the fields of gardens, municipalities, parking lots, park trails, trade blocks and cultural and entertainment facilities!

Why is the die floor so popular? The editor of Shanghai Tingmei Landscape Engineering tells you why.

a. Rich patterns, which can be combined in two ways, expressive results, and show personality. Colorful tones, nostalgia or ancient poetry, romance or contemporary, the form emerges.

b. The texture and the lower layer are perfect, and they deal with the signs of looseness and hollowness that are difficult to restrain in conventional paving. The surface is flat, maintaining the natural stone texture and avoiding the uneven thickness of natural stone.

c. The deepening material of the stamping floor is a composite material made of specific metal and non-metal aggregates and excellent polymers. The prestige survey has a wear resistance ratio of up to 450%, which is durable and wear-resistant.

d. Solvent-based concrete seal protector for stamping floor has the functions of anti-acid, anti-ultraviolet mapping and so on. It is difficult to stain and easy to clean. The use of pure colorant and UV-solubilized concrete seal protector interacts, color tone Stability. Waterproof and mildew-proof, not afraid of chemical products decaying, conforming to the drastic temperature change, no need to shelter often. High and low-profile textures have excellent anti-slip properties. Very competitive price-performance ratio: the price is far lower than all kinds of natural stone and all kinds of road boards Compared with square bricks, artistic flooring is more cost-effective.

The super-wear-resistant features such as stamping floor and the superior performance of artistic ornaments. Its main ingredients include special mineral aggregates, pure pigments and additives of high-strength wear-resistant materials. Its advantages are easy construction, one-time molding, and utilization period. It is long, quick to construct, easy to recover and difficult to wear away, and at the same time compensates for the poor overall integrity, high or low level, easy to loose, and short use cycle of ordinary warm-colored road slabs.

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