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The construction of hard stamping floor materials is usually carried out outdoors, and it should be prevented from being carried out in rainy and windy days. The construction environment temperature should generally be above 2 ° C. Scrub the floor surface: Wait for the hard stamping floor to be dry and solidified. At least 2- After 3 days, the surface can be washed with water or detergent. The scrubbing surface must ensure that all floors are washed at the same level, otherwise the land will have different shades.

Applying curing agent: After the surface of the hard stamping floor is completely dry and dry for at least one day, the liquid curing agent can be applied to make the surface of the hard stamping floor anti-pollution and anti-slip and deepen again. In addition to the good decorativeness of the mold floor, its physical function is also quite stable.

Sites with large temperature differences between day and night prevent construction at night, and the construction environment temperature should be above 2 ° C. Only in the good construction environment can the quality of the construction of the contracted tube mold floor be adjusted, and it should be prevented from staggering the construction with other laborers, and deal with it when necessary. The compacting floor construction site adopts tightly closed countermeasures. The gravel and plain ground must be compacted or compacted by a roller compactor.

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