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Explicit material construction process

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Exposed aggregate concrete is still in the development stage in China's construction. It has been widely used in some domestic construction projects, and the construction effect is good. This paper analyzes the principle and characteristics of exposed concrete permeable concrete pavement, analyzes the construction quality control and construction technology, and can better understand the construction of exposed concrete permeable concrete , which can be rapidly developed and applied on a large scale.

Exposed aggregate permeable concrete is the development and improvement of permeable concrete technology. Exposed aggregate permeable concrete is a kind of mix of aggregate, high-grade cement, admixture, water-based resin, strengthening agent, stabilizer and water. Porous lightweight concrete, permeable concrete is a honeycomb structure with uniformly divided cavities formed by a thin layer of slurry covering the surface of coarse aggregate and bonding each other. Therefore, it has the characteristics of breathability, water permeability and light weight. More and more attention. The cement-based material is used as a bonding material, and a certain amount of aggregate is bonded together to form a porous pavement, and the permeable concrete is used as a base layer to form a water-permeable pavement floor. It is characterized by the use of natural stone's own color and shape, and the luster effect of permanent wetting, so that the surface layer aggregate can achieve a natural non-artificially carved natural paving effect.

Exposed aggregate permeable concrete construction process

Mixing: The consistency of the cement slurry in the permeable floor mixture is large and the quantity is small. In order to ensure that the cement slurry can be evenly wrapped on the orthopedics, a forced mixing machine should be used. The mixing time is more than 5 minutes.

Pouring: Before pouring, it is necessary to wet the subgrade with water. Otherwise, the rapid loss of water in the permeable floor will weaken the bonding strength between the aggregates. Because the permeable floor mixture is relatively dry and hard, spread the mixed permeable floor and the permeable floor information on the roadbed.

Vibration: It should not be strongly vibrated or compacted during the pouring process. Generally, a flat vibrator is used to gently vibrate the water-permeable concrete mixture after paving, but it is necessary to pay attention that high-frequency vibrators cannot be used, otherwise it will reduce the porosity of the concrete when it is too dense, and affect the water permeability. A high-frequency vibrator will also separate the cement slurry from the coarse aggregate surface and flow into the bottom to form an impervious layer, making the material lose its water permeability.

Rolling: In the future, solid steel pipes or light rollers should be further used to compact the water-permeable concrete mixture. Considering the consistency of the mixture and the surrounding temperature, repeated rolling may be required, but it should be noted that It is necessary to arrange the rollers before pressing to prevent the aggregate from sticking.

Maintenance: Because there are many holes in the permeable floor, it is easy to lose water and dry quickly, so maintenance is very important. Especially for the early maintenance, pay attention to prevent a lot of water in the floor from evaporating. Usually the demolishing time of permeable concrete is shorter than that of ordinary concrete, so that its side surfaces and margins will be exposed to the air. Use plastic films or color strips to cover the road surface and side surfaces in time to ensure that humidity and cement are fully hydrated. The permeable floor should be sprinkled for maintenance one day after pouring. It is not suitable to use pressure water column to directly pierce the concrete surface when pouring water. This will take away some cement slurry and form some thinner parts, but it can be directly from above under normal circumstances. Sprinkle down. The watering maintenance time of the permeable floor should be no less than 7 days.

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