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Precautions for construction of exposed concrete

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Ecological exposed concrete is a mixed material composed of cement, water, permeable concrete reinforcement (cementing material) and high-quality homogeneous particle size or intermittent grade aggregate, and has a certain porosity. When it is made into concrete pavement, slope protection and its products, it can obtain the effects of drainage, anti-sliding, sound absorption, noise reduction and water seepage, which can improve the ecological cycle of the surface, facilitate traffic safety, protect the living environment, and solve the problems caused by large-scale modern urban construction Negative effects. Engineering practice proves that water-permeable concrete is a new type of multifunctional paving material.

Exposed concrete refers to concrete with a porosity of 15 to 25%, and is also called sandless concrete. As human beings attach more and more importance to improving the ecological environment and protecting their homes, permeable cement concrete is also gaining more and more applications. Permeable cement concrete is especially suitable for the ground and pavement of city parks, residential quarters, industrial parks, stadiums, schools, hospitals, parking lots, etc. Because using permeable cement concrete has the following advantages:

(1) Increase the permeable and breathable area of the city, strengthen the heat and moisture exchange between the surface and the air, adjust the urban climate, reduce the surface temperature, and help alleviate the urban "heat island phenomenon", improve the growth conditions of ground plants and soil microorganisms, and adjust the ecology balance.

(2) Make full use of rain, snow and precipitation, increase the relative humidity of the surface, supplement the increasingly depleted groundwater resources in the urban area, and play the function of the "reservoir" of the permeable roadbed.

(3) It can reduce the burden of the road drainage system during the rainy season and significantly reduce the pollution of urban water bodies caused by heavy rain.

(4) Absorb the noise generated by the vehicle while driving, create a quiet and comfortable living and traffic environment, prevent road area water and reflection at night on rainy days

He has been engaged in ecological permeable roads and permeable floors for more than 15 years. The permeable core material permeable concrete reinforcement produced has good quality, low price and excellent performance. The service area has exceeded 10 million square meters. If you need to know more, please contact us in time.

Explicit material is a new environmentally friendly and ecological road material. Because it has the effect of ecological water permeability, it is now widely used in roads, sidewalks, squares, stadiums, botanical gardens, lightweight roads, parking lots, Underground construction projects and various new sports venues. In addition, by improving the production process, it can also be used for rivers, highways, mountain slopes, lawn floors, soilless green vegetation cultivation (such as roof greening), farmland water conservancy, and so on.

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