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Adhesive stone construction technology

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Adhesive stone floors are generally designed for outdoor use. This has high requirements on the quality of the glue used to make the adhesive stone floor. The LC-ts Adhesive Stone Adhesive introduced by us is a solvent-free two-component polyurethane. Its perfect combination of bonding strength and toughness not only allows the stones to stick together firmly through the point-to-point bonding method, but also does not cause the phenomenon of loose particles in winter due to the strong stiffness of the glue. According to the test, the strength of the cement stone floor made with LC-ts cement stone glue can reach the c25 strength of the cement floor.

The uneven surface and unevenness of the surface of Shanghai cement stone should be treated with cement mortar infused with synthetic resin emulsion, so that the surface is flat and the plastering thickness is uniform. Each plastering thickness is 9mm, More than 25mm, after 3-4 days of curing, confirm that there is no hollowing phenomenon, and then carry out coloring construction. Micro cracks are rubbed along the cracks with a sealing material or waterproof material, or low-viscosity epoxy resin or cement slurry can be used for pressure grouting into the cracks. in.

Adhesive stone, the thickness of the single laying of the cushion should be 6-200px, the concrete stirred on the site must not be segregated, bleeding, slump inconsistent, insufficient labeling, and chloride-containing admixtures must not be used. Do not mix calcium oxide and its products. The use of artificially mixed concrete is strictly prohibited, and the quality problems caused by this are not related to the company's products and construction. The concrete should be paved according to the formwork, and the stone should be glued. Before the concrete is poured, the foundation should be sprinkled with water evenly, but there must be no standing water. The thickness of the concrete should be the same as the elevation of the formwork (because the company's products cannot increase the thickness of the floor surface, so the elevation and level of the floor cannot be adjusted), the paving of the cement, the concrete * is completed at one time. Thickness exceeding 500px should be poured in layers; the thickness of the bottom concrete must not exceed 500px, and the thickness of more than 500px must be poured in layers, and the thickness of each layer must not exceed 500px. The time interval does not exceed 24h.

Because the repaired mortar is easy to peel off, or the repaired part is different from the original concrete surface layer, Zhejiang adhesive stone is prone to the problem of uneven colorant absorption and uneven surface color. Therefore, the smoothness of the concrete surface should be achieved as much as possible. Good, no repair or complete repair is needed. When laying the floor, especially when coloring the adhesive stone floor, we need to ensure that the concrete surface is clean, do the water inspection and test, and make the preparations. You can start to color the sticky stone floor.

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