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What are the advantages of colored permeable concrete in Shanghai over other products?

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Nowadays, with the continuous development of society, water-permeable paving is increasingly used in our daily life. As for water-permeable materials, I believe that everyone should be familiar with it, especially in the rainy season. The role of water-permeable cannot be ignored. In the process of use, it not only has non-slip, high strength, good cold resistance, but also has strong environmental protection value. When it comes to permeable concrete , do you know what kind it is and what are their advantages and disadvantages? ?

What is her advantage of colored permeable concrete in Shanghai over other products?

1. Sintered water-permeable products

Shanghai colored permeable concrete is made of waste ceramic tiles, feldspar, kaolin, clay and other mineral particles and slurry, and pressed into a green body, which is calcined at high temperature and has a porous structure. This type of water-permeable material has high strength, good abrasion resistance, and excellent durability, but it requires energy and sintering during the sintering process. It is suitable for pavement parts of gardens, squares, and landscape roads with small amounts.


2. Polymer permeable concrete

Shanghai Color Permeable Concrete This is a kind of water-permeable concrete prepared by using single-grain coarse aggregate and bitumen or polymer resin as cementing material. Compared with cement permeable concrete, this kind of concrete has higher strength, but also higher cost. At the same time, due to the poor weather resistance of organic gelling materials, it is easy to age under the influence of sunlight and atmospheric factors, and its performance is greatly affected by temperature, especially when the temperature increases, it is easy to soften and flow, which affects water permeability. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring pores, anti-aging and thermal stability are the keys to ensuring quality.

3. Cement permeable concrete

This is a sand-free, porous concrete formulated with Portland cement as the cementitious material, using a single size coarse aggregate, and without or with less fine aggregate. This kind of concrete generally uses high-strength cement with a ash collection ratio of 3.0-4.0 and a water-cement ratio of 0.3-0.35. The concrete mixture is dry and hard, and is formed by pressure vibration to form concrete with connected pores. The interior of the hardened colored permeable concrete in Shanghai usually contains about 20% of connected pores, and the corresponding performance density is lower than that of ordinary concrete, usually 1700-2200 kg / m3. The compressive strength can reach 15-35 MPa, the flexural strength can reach 3-5 MPa, and the water permeability coefficient is 1-15mm / s. This kind of water-permeable concrete has low cost and simple production, and can be used for road paving and prefabricated products. But because it contains more connected pores, its strength, wear resistance and frost resistance are the main indicators of engineering application technology.

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