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The importance of colored permeable concrete in Shanghai for environmental protection

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The characteristic of colored permeable concrete is that single-grain coarse aggregate is used as a skeleton, and a thin layer of cement paste or a mortar mixed with a few fine aggregates is wrapped around the surface of the coarse aggregate particles to form a cementing layer between the aggregate particles. skeleton. Permeable concrete is a porous aggregate structure formed by thin layers of hardened cement slurry cemented between coarse aggregate particles. The interior is rich in pores and mostly large pores with a diameter exceeding 1mm, so it has outstanding water permeability.

The importance of colored permeable concrete in Shanghai for environmental protection

Colored permeable concrete increases urban water-permeable and air-permeable spaces and improves urban ecological environment. The comparison between permeable and hardened roads has the following advantages:


(1) Permeable pavement can restore groundwater, maintain soil humidity, improve the living conditions of urban surface plants and soil microorganisms, and is conducive to urban ecological balance and environmental protection;

(2) When the rainfall is gathered, it can reduce the burden of urban drainage equipment;

(3) The surface of permeable pavement is usually relatively rough, has a large porosity, and communicates with the soil. It can accumulate more heat, which is conducive to regulating the temperature and humidity of urban space and reducing the heat island phenomenon;

(4) Avoid road water and reflection of road surface at night, improve the safety and comfort of vehicles and pedestrians;

(5) A lot of pores can absorb the noise that occurs when the vehicle is traveling, creating a quiet and comfortable traffic environment;

The relationship between the parameters of Shanghai permeable concrete and its main technical performance is shown in the figure. Porosity is the most important factor in controlling the strength of permeable concrete, and it is the prerequisite for the road surface to have a random convex-concave anti-sliding structure, water permeability and sound absorption. Permeable concrete has a certain coarse aggregate particle size composition, and the amount of unit coarse aggregate is the key factor that determines the porosity of concrete. One of the key technologies of pavement permeable concrete is to improve the material's ability to resist bending and tensile failure. The flexural strength of permeable concrete depends on its porosity and the physical strength of the material, so it depends first on the porosity of the material, which is controlled by the coarse Aggregate dosage, and secondly, under certain conditions of unit coarse aggregate volume ratio, the water-cement ratio determines the flexural strength of concrete.

On the other hand, the water-cement ratio also significantly affects the workability and durability of fresh concrete. At the same time, the state of the interface transition zone and the performance of the cemented layer have a greater impact on the road performance of the permeable concrete . The incorporation of mineral-active ultrafine powder or organic polymer can improve the workability of the permeable concrete, and strengthen the interface transition zone and the microstructure of the cemented layer Structure and is beneficial for improving its durability.

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