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What to do with sand in permeable concrete construction in Shanghai

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Shanghai permeable concrete floor quickly produced loose sand, dusty and dirty ground and cement, and serious ash, sand, looseness and other phenomena appeared. The lack of strength meets the requirements of daily use, which brings a lot of trouble to people. What causes the sand and sand phenomenon on the ground?

Learn how permeable concrete is constructed in Shanghai

After years of construction experience, Shanghai Tingmei Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. summarizes that due to the large amount of permeable concrete in Shanghai, the cement strength is too low or the cement quality is unqualified, or the cement content of different varieties and strength grades is insufficient. .


Improper mix ratio of mud or Shanghai permeable concrete, improper fly ash content, improper maintenance, early use of cement Shanghai permeable concrete structure hardening and degradation, cracking of cracks and cement Shanghai permeable concrete vibration aging and Shanghai permeable concrete The layers are not strong and so on. The surface layer of the permeable concrete in Shanghai is affected by freezing. In order to increase the indoor temperature, the construction team uses a coal-fired furnace, such as carbon dioxide and cement mortar for free calcium hydroxide reaction, which is a degradation and a layer of white sand in the new cement Shanghai permeable concrete pavement. gray.

The strength grade of Portland Cement or Portland Cement must not be lower than 32.5, if it is to prevent dust from Shanghai permeable concrete. The sand should be clean medium sand with a mud content of less than 3%; grasp the first time to wipe the surface to ensure the surface flatness; the time of the second pressure is very important, you must use iron to wipe after the initial setting of the mortar Light, time is too early or too late, request to be flattened, smooth, no pinholes, no traces; print with your fingers and wipe the third.

It is pushed onto the door by the inner wall to smooth the entire surface layer. After 12 hours of clearing the ground, water spray will last for 7 days, and no one should be trampled or stacked during maintenance. In the winter, coal stoves should not be placed directly in closed rooms. Sand appears on the cement permeable concrete floor in Shanghai. Shanghai permeable concrete sand treatment agent should be used in time to prevent further deterioration of the ground ash environment.

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