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Why are more and more people using permeable concrete

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Permeable concrete, as a new environmentally friendly and ecological road material, has attracted increasing attention. The surface of modern cities is mostly covered by reinforced concrete buildings and impervious roads. Compared with natural soil, ordinary concrete pavement lacks respiration, ability to absorb heat and seep through rain, which brings a series of environmental problems.

Why are more and more people using permeable concrete

Concrete has always been considered the culprit of destroying nature, but as long as continuous pores are formed, it can create a connection point with the natural environment and change the image of the past. Therefore, permeable concrete is a creative material for restoring the continuously damaged earth environment and will contribute to the sustainable development of mankind.


More and more people choose to use permeable concrete, why is this? The editor of Shanghai Permeable Concrete told you the following:

(1) Use permeable concrete to lay drainage and water-permeable roads, increase walking comfort and safety, and reduce the burden on the road drainage system during concentrated rainfall seasons.

(2) Permeable concrete has the characteristics of absorbing noise generated by vehicles while driving, which is conducive to creating a quiet and comfortable traffic environment;

(3) Permeable concrete can make full use of rain, snow and precipitation, increase the relative humidity on the ground, maintain soil humidity, and play the function of "reservoir" for permeable roadbeds to supplement the increasingly depleted groundwater resources in urban areas. Shanghai pervious concrete changes urban surface plants And soil microbial living conditions and adjust ecological balance.

(4) There are different colors and thicknesses. The patterns and colors can be designed according to the needs of the environment and functions, and fully combined with the surrounding environment.

(5) Increasing the water-permeable and air-permeable area of the city, adjusting the urban climate, and reducing the surface temperature will help alleviate the "heat island phenomenon" in the city.

(6) A large amount of air-permeable concrete can absorb urban pollutant dust and reduce dust pollution.

The use of permeable concrete in the parking lot not only realizes the requirements of greening, but also meets the requirements of parking, which better realizes compatibility, saves space in the community, and achieves greater economic benefits. The pavement is made of permeable concrete, which makes the community more ecological. Reservoir can be reduced, rainwater can be collected, recycled and reused, and the lack of fresh water resources can be solved.

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