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How to better cut permeable concrete

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Today's permeable concrete is a widely used paving material. Permeable concrete has good water permeability and can reduce the accumulation of water on the road surface. The thickness of the mechanical groove must match the thickness of the surface layer to ensure that the ground gap is clean and free of dust. The gap caused by concrete and soil is removed from the concrete surface. When cutting the expansion joint, the joint between the structural layer and the surface layer should always be maintained, and there should be no step-like shape.

How to better cut permeable concrete

After cutting the permeable concrete floor, for the filling of the expansion joints, a flexible rubber material is used, and the shrink joint material strip is plastic foam, and the joint surface is filled with a certain height to be filled, and then injected into the structural adhesive to seal the recess The width of the groove is the same, the surface is straight, and the appearance is good. Therefore, it needs to be filled with strong bonding strength, good resistance, suitable for the expansion and contraction of concrete, and insoluble in water. Flows at high temperatures and does not flow at low temperatures.


The current permeable concrete adhesive is a polymer composed of special functional monomers. It is the core material of permeable concrete and can reach the standards of permeability and waterproofness. Pervious concrete is mainly composed of coarse aggregates, so it requires an adhesive. To increase the adhesion between cement and aggregate, the main function of cement permeable concrete is to improve the workability and viscosity of concrete, improve the compressive strength and bond strength of cement hydrate, and improve the frost resistance and resistance of concrete. Freezing, durability and weather resistance.

Because the use of permeable concrete is actually very simple, the dosage is determined at a reasonable mixing ratio according to the resistance of the permeable concrete pavement. The permeable concrete construction guide can also be in ecological contact with light. Due to the laying of the permeable concrete, it has a better protection ground. The mechanical properties of the apron, using this function and extending the service life, it has the function of protecting the permeable concrete pavement, making the pavement have higher durability and abrasion resistance.

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