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How is Jiangsu colored permeable concrete colored

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How did the color of Jiangsu colored permeable concrete pavement come from? Want to know how the color of colored permeable concrete pavement comes from? It is time to talk about toner and permeable concrete protectants. In the construction of the permeable concrete surface layer, the five raw materials of the permeable concrete cement, cement, stone, and toner are stirred in a certain proportion, and then spread and polished with a polisher, so that it can be colored. For the surface pavement, after the construction is completed and maintained for 7 to 14 days, the air-permeable sprayer should be used to spray the permeable concrete protective agent.

"1" pink powder is an industrial raw material, is an iron oxide pigment, mainly refers to iron oxide red, iron yellow, iron black and iron brown color pigments based on iron oxides, of which oxide Mainly iron red.

In permeable concrete, toner is mainly used for coloring the surface layer to improve the overall aesthetics of the pavement.


1. Coloring power Generally, the toner with strong coloring power has strong dispersibility. How to judge its dispersion?

It can be observed with the naked eye. You need to observe the particle size of the toner, that is, its fineness. If the fineness is higher, the texture is more uniform, there is almost no color difference between the particles, and the general dispersibility is better.

The toner with strong tinting strength can help you save the amount of toner and save your construction cost consumption. At the same time, it can make the road surface color uniform without color difference.

2. Covering rate The toner with high covering rate can fully cover the surface stones when stirring, without the bad situation that one section has color, one section has no color, or the color is not consistent.

3. Strong weather resistance Toners with strong weather resistance can cope with the impact of various severe climates. Toners with poor weather resistance are under the impact of severe weather such as heavy rain, floods, mudslides, etc .; there may be adverse consequences such as large-scale discoloration that affect aesthetics , And the weather-resistant toner is very protective in this regard.

"2" Permeable concrete protective agent Permeable concrete protective agent, also known as pervious pavement surface covering agent, has better enhancement and strengthening effect than traditional pavement protective agents, and can meet the mechanical properties, use functions and prolong the useful life of pavement structure. Requirement: It has the performance of protecting the permeable concrete pavement, so that the pavement has a stronger durability, abrasion resistance and scour resistance.

After the surface protective agent is applied, the surface strength and gloss of the permeable concrete pavement are greatly improved without affecting the pores of the pavement.

Our permeable concrete protectant is a hybrid polyurethane system with unique structure. It can effectively improve the durability and beautification effect of the permeable concrete surface layer, the color is adjustable, and the construction is simple, and the dosage per square is about 0.2 kg. It can also be used to seal the imprinted floor surface and to beautify other floor surfaces.

The advantages of the permeable concrete protective agent we produce: it has the advantages of high weather resistance, high wear resistance, beautiful color, etc., and is suitable for various permeable concrete constructions.

Usage: Sealing agent: thinner = 2: 1, if it is still thick, it can be adjusted to 2: 1.5. Use airless sprayer for spraying. Service life: According to the requirements, the construction color can be kept for about 3 years. The warranty period is one year.

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