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Basic preparations for exposed concrete construction

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The exposed aggregate floor is made of natural colored stone with uniform particle size. After stirring, it is spread on the ground, and then the professional colored cleaning agent is used to expose the natural colored stone. Show the original state of natural stones, add color and change to the road environment.

The price of exposed aggregate pervious concrete is relatively high, because the price of surface aggregate is very expensive, which is tens of yuan per square meter compared with ordinary pervious concrete . The common C20 pervious concrete construction offer is 100 yuan / cubic.


Exposed aggregate permeable concrete construction preparation materials: cement, stone (ordinary stone + natural colored stone), permeable concrete reinforcement, exposed aggregate cleaning agent. Use ordinary stones as the permeable bottom layer, and natural colored stones as the permeable surface layer.

Exposed aggregate permeable coagulation is based on the construction of permeable concrete roads. After the permeable concrete is paved and leveled, it is sprayed with a retarder, and the surface cement slurry can be washed away after the next day of cleaning, which can show the color and shape of the natural stone itself. As well as the gloss effect, the surface aggregate can realize the natural non-artificial carving effect.

Exposed aggregate permeable concrete pavement is based on the construction of permeable concrete, which is briefly summarized as laying gravel bottom layer, mixing aggregate, pouring and leveling, spraying cleaning agent, cleaning surface mud, curing, spraying protective agent, cutting indwelling expansion joint.

There are fewer links between exposed aggregates, and the details are more stringent than those of permeable concrete. The key part of the exposed concrete is to spray the cleaning agent to ease the setting time of the surface mud. The surface can be washed with water every other day to expose the aggregate.

Permeable paving practice:

1. Raw material preparation:

SR Permeable Concrete Reinforcing Agent, Stone, 425 Portland Cement, Pigment, Permeable Concrete Protective Agent 2, Permeable Floor Construction Machinery Preparation:

Mixer, flat vibrating rammer, sander, transporter, scraper, etc .; 3. Permeable floor construction:

Stirring-paving-maintenance-sawing, filling-spraying. Quantitative stones, cement, reinforcing agent, water are put into the mixing and stirred evenly, and pulled by the bucket truck to the construction site. The roadbed should be maintained before paving. Wet, the cushion layer needs to be vibrated and smoothed, the surface layer needs to be smoothed and smoothed with a cement trowel. After the construction is completed, it needs to be covered with an agricultural film for health. Two days later, it should be protected by watering. A barrier should be set during the maintenance to prevent pedestrians from passing. After five to seven days of curing, the surface layer is dried and then sprayed with a surface layer sealer.

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