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Characteristics of permeable cement in various fields

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Modified polymer resin is used as cementing material on the permeable cement stone. Natural colored stone, polished color stone, glass, crystal stone, artificially recycled aggregate, etc. are firmly bonded together and laid on concrete, permeable concrete , asphalt The ecological scene on the ground floor of grading sand and gravel lays down materials, which has the characteristics of high water permeability, natural beauty, diverse colors, and durability. It can be used in places such as permeable scenes, vehicles, or sidewalks, parks and squares, and can also be applied to indoor places.


The scene of the construction of the pervious concrete with glue is typical of the on-site pavement, and the pervious pavement has three types: permeable concrete, exposed concrete, and pervious stone. Permeable stone is glued with bright and weather-resistant organic resin, and the colored stone is bonded and laid on the ground, which completely changes people's expectations of the effect of the ground scene. The stones are like the natural and random scattered on the ground. Grains are clearly visible, but when the car is traveling or a pedestrian is walking on it, natural stones will not be scattered. When it rains, the rainwater on the ground can also penetrate the ground through the gaps between the stones to restore the groundwater.

About glued permeable stone resin glued glued permeable stone is also called glue stone, and its key skills depend on the binder used, that is, glue. It is well known that resin is an organic substance. Generally, resin will undergo color change and aging under ultraviolet radiation, and cannot be directly used outdoors. The glued pervious stone is a pavement pavement composed of resin glue that is bonded with colored stones by means of "point bonding". The adhesive is required to have a high permanent adhesion, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and water resistance. Corrosion, wear and impact resistance.

The transparent resin glue used for the construction of pervious stones is derived from the skills of wind power blade resins. The wind blades under extreme harsh weather conditions (the windy environment is naturally harsh) must have both the required stiffness and It has outstanding resistance and can withstand the impact of wind and sand and the year-round exposure to ultraviolet rays.

In order to reduce the cost, the pervious stone pavement is generally planned as a double-layer structure. The bottom layer should meet the pavement load bearing requirements, which can be concrete, permeable concrete or asphalt, while the pervious stone surface layer of plastic is generally only 20mm-30mm thick. The pervious stone is only used as a decoration surface to absorb and transfer the ground load. In this way, an elastic structure similar to the asphalt pavement structure will be very necessary. Although a common resin may provide a satisfactory adhesive force, it is difficult to use it on such a pavement because of solving technical constraints in terms of balance of strength and resistance and limitations in weather resistance.

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