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What are the characteristics of colored permeable concrete

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Colored permeable concrete is currently a green and environmentally friendly road construction in cities across the country. Due to its high water absorption and particularly soft and comfortable feet, it is likened to "sponge road" by the public. Cost-effective colored permeable concrete can not only increase the city's Color can also meet the traffic needs of motor vehicles and pedestrians. Then let's take a closer look at the specific characteristics of colored permeable asphalt.


Strong and durable because the colored permeable concrete uses polymer modified material emulsified asphalt and aggregate, which has very good adhesion and stability, thereby ensuring the abrasion resistance of the raw materials, and the colored permeable asphalt is very ideal. High temperature stability makes the road warranty longer.

Low noise Pavement paved with colored water-permeable asphalt has sound absorption, which can better reduce noise, make vehicles lighter on highways at high speed, and not cause great noise due to air pressure. The noise is well absorbed.

The bright and durable colored water-permeable asphalt is highly respected by the public for its rich and colorful colors. The use of colorless emulsified asphalt and a certain amount of color paste can create brightly colored roads. For this reason, various types of different colors can be used. Increase the color of urban roads.

Good anti-sliding performance The colored permeable asphalt has good elasticity and flexibility, especially the anti-slip property of the ground is particularly good, which can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, especially with good water permeability in rainy days, and the ground is not easy to accumulate water, which enhances the anti-sliding performance of the ground It is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to walk around or bend.

Application areas: Wide-color permeable asphalt can be laid on various pavements of different materials, such as concrete pavement asphalt pavements can be used for construction, and colored permeable asphalt can also be used for the renovation of old roads. In view of the technological advancement of slurry seals, The construction can be completed in a short period of time without deformation and asphalt film falling off.

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