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What are the design requirements for colored permeable concrete in Shanghai

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What is the design of permeable concrete pavement in Shanghai ? What permeable concrete is also called drainage concrete. It is made of small stones, high-grade concrete, mixed with permeable admixtures, water, color strengthening agents and stabilizers. A porous and lightweight new environmentally friendly floor covering material. It is a layer of thin slurry wrapped on the surface of coarse aggregate and bonded to each other into a honeycomb shape, which allows rainwater to flow into the ground and effectively replenish groundwater; and can effectively eliminate the harm of environmental pollution by oil compounds on the ground; and color Colorful, landscape integration, making urban environment construction more harmonious is an excellent permeable flooring material that protects nature, maintains ecological balance, and can alleviate the urban heat island effect. It is of far-reaching significance in urban rainwater management and water pollution prevention and other work, which is beneficial to the healthy development of human living environment.


Performance characteristics are 1. High water permeability: permeable concrete has 15% -25% porosity, which can make the water permeability reach 31-52 liters / meter / hour, which is much higher than the most effective rainfall in the best drainage configuration. Discharge rate. 2. High bearing capacity: Approved by the national inspection agency, the bearing capacity of permeable concrete can fully meet the bearing standards of C20-C25 concrete, which is higher than the bearing capacity of ordinary permeable bricks. 3. Good landscape effect: The permeable concrete has an optimized color ratio The scheme can cooperate with the designer's unique creativity to realize the decorative style required by different environments and personalities. This is difficult to achieve in general permeable bricks. 4. Ease of maintenance: The pore blocking problem that people worry about is not necessary. The unique water-permeable paving system makes it easy to solve by simply washing with high pressure. 5. Freeze-thaw resistance: Permeable concrete has stronger freeze-thaw resistance than general concrete pavement, and will not be affected by freeze-thaw surface fracture because its structure has large pores. 6. Durability: The durability and abrasion resistance of permeable concrete is better than that of asphalt, which is close to the ordinary floor, which avoids the shortcomings of general permeable bricks such as short service life and uneconomical. 7. High heat dissipation: The low density of the material itself (15-25% voids) reduces the ability to store heat. The unique pore structure allows lower underground temperatures to enter the ground and reduce the temperature of the entire paved floor. The characteristics make the permeable concrete close to the ground covered by natural vegetation in terms of heat absorption and heat storage functions.

The scope of application is the original ecological paving of sidewalk bicycle lanes, lightweight municipal road fire passages, garden landscape park roads, large square exhibition halls, resorts, campuses and other grounds.

What are the design requirements for colored permeable concrete pavement?

1. The permeable floor pavement consists of a permeable floor surface layer and a permeable base layer. Graded crushed stone should be used in the permeable base.

2. When the actual rainfall intensity exceeds the designed permeation volume and unit void storage capacity, the design should adopt unnecessary drainage measures.

3. In order to prevent the infiltration of rainwater, it is not suitable to strengthen the soil foundation by plastering.

4. The slope of the cross section of the permeable concrete pavement should be 1% to 2%.

5. When designing the permeable life is above 10a, and other special occasions, special design should be made. The thickness of the specially designed permeable concrete pavement shall be determined in accordance with the stress analysis and calculation process of the concrete slab in the current design specification of cement concrete.

6. In special design, comprehensive consideration should be given to traffic conditions, soil conditions, climate and terrain. Factors such as groundwater, economy, and actual function after being put into use.

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