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Characteristics of exposed aggregate permeable concrete and construction method

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At the end of the crossbow, cold air will arrive in Shanghai, and the average temperature will drop by 3 to 5 ° C. The cold air is coming. Ask you if you are afraid? At present, in the construction of sponge cities, exposed concrete is a commonly used material. This kind of concrete can not only supplement groundwater resources, but also effectively reduce urban noise and beautify the environment. Over the years, you must have heard of the term permeable concrete . After all, it is a big contributor in building a sponge city! However, have you heard of the construction process of colored exposed concrete floor? Let ’s move on to the topic, and I will explain to you the construction method of exposed concrete and see how the construction steps look like. Other articles recommended: Permeable asphalt pavement. What is exposed aggregate permeable floor permeable concrete? Are there any characteristics? Shanghai Angshi New Materials will bring you a little science. The permeable paving manufacturer chooses Aung Stone, and the pavement problem is solved for you. For more floor problems, please call us or inquire online, and we will reply you as soon as possible.


Exposed aggregate permeable concrete construction method, what is exposed aggregate permeable concrete?

Exposed aggregate permeable concrete is made of permeable floor cement (pervious concrete reinforcer) as a bonding material, which binds a certain amount of aggregates together to form a porous pavement. It uses permeable concrete as the base layer to form a kind of water permeable. Paving the ground.

Characteristics of exposed aggregate permeable concrete:

1. It can meet the relevant requirements of various bearing capacities. Because this pavement adopts the overall paving method, compared to other pavements, the natural aggregate concrete pavement has a strong bearing capacity and excellent resistance to sedimentation. In actual use, the appropriate materials and thicknesses can be selected in accordance with the differences in road grades to ensure that the bearing capacity meets the requirements.

2. High traffic safety factor Because exposed concrete is a kind of pavement with large porosity, the water permeability effect is significant. Even in rainy days, rainwater can be discharged in time to reduce the slippage of the road surface and ensure the safe passage of vehicles.

3. Energy-saving and environment-friendly exposed aggregate permeable concrete itself has a certain adsorption effect, which can effectively adsorb the dust and impurities in the air and reduce the content of dust in the air. In addition, the materials used in this pavement are also environmentally friendly materials, with minimal impact on the environment.

4. Good landscape effect It is not difficult to find that the color of the pavement is more singular when looking at many urban roads. Natural exposed aggregate permeable concrete pavement is a material with diverse colors. It can not only improve the service life of the road, but also Add a beautiful landscape to the city.

5. Strong anti-freezing ability The anti-frost heaving test was performed on the exposed aggregate concrete, and it was found that the pavement has good anti-frost heaving performance, and it will not cause undesired phenomena such as frost cracking due to excessive cold in winter.

6. Stable performance The exposed aggregate permeable concrete itself also belongs to concrete. In addition to the above characteristics, the pavement has the characteristics of ordinary concrete, stable performance and high strength.

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