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  • DATE: December 30, 2019

    Five technical requirements for mixing and transportation of colored permeable concrete

    Five technical requirements for mixing and transporting colored permeable concrete: 1. Permeable concrete manufacturers tell us that the mixing of permeable concrete must be mechanically mixed. The initial setting time of the permeable cement concrete is short, and it should not be left for a long time after mixing. Therefore, the configuration of the capacity of the mixer should be based on the project size, construction progress, construction sequence and

  • DATE: December 27, 2019

    Characteristics of exposed aggregate permeable concrete and construction method

    At the end of the crossbow, cold air will arrive in Shanghai, and the average temperature will drop by 3 to 5 ° C. The cold air is coming. Ask you if you are afraid? At present, in the construction of sponge cities, exposed concrete is a commonly used material. This kind of concrete can not only supplement groundwater resources, but also effectively reduce urban noise and beautify the environment.

  • DATE: December 25, 2019

    What are the design requirements for colored permeable concrete in Shanghai

    What is the design of permeable concrete pavement in Shanghai? What permeable concrete is also called drainage concrete. It is made of small stones, high-grade concrete, mixed with permeable admixtures, water, color strengthening agent and stabilizer. A porous and lightweight new environmentally friendly floor covering material. Is wrapped in a coarse aggregate surface

  • DATE: December 23, 2019

    What are the characteristics of colored permeable concrete

    Colored permeable concrete is currently a green and environmentally friendly road construction in cities across the country. Due to its high water absorption and particularly soft and comfortable feet, it is likened to "sponge road" by the public. Cost-effective colored permeable concrete can not only increase the city Color can also meet the traffic needs of motor vehicles and pedestrians, then we will

  • DATE: December 20, 2019

    Characteristics of permeable cement in various fields

    Modified polymer resin is used as cementing material on the permeable cement stone. Natural colored stone, polished color stone, glass, crystal stone, artificially recycled aggregate, etc. are firmly bonded together and laid on concrete, permeable concrete, asphalt The ecological scene on the ground floor of grading sand and gravel is laid on the ground, which has high water permeability, natural beauty, and many colors.

  • DATE: December 18, 2019

    Basic preparations for exposed concrete construction

    The exposed aggregate floor is made of natural colored stone with uniform particle size. After stirring, it is spread on the ground, and then the professional colored cleaning agent is used to expose the natural colored stone. Show the original state of natural stones, add color and change to the road environment. &

  • DATE: December 16, 2019

    How Jiangsu permeable concrete is constructed in winter

    How is permeable concrete constructed in winter? Time is running out. At the end of December, many cities across the country are in winter. At present, some cities in the north are no longer suitable for permeable concrete construction. However, some projects are behind schedule at the end of the year. & nb

  • DATE: December 13, 2019

    Performance characteristics of Zhejiang exposed aggregate permeable concrete

    In recent years, more and more cities are building sponge cities. So how to build a city that can "breathe" has received strong attention from major cities. What exactly is a sponge city? Sponge city is a new generation of urban rain flood management concept, which refers to the city's ability to adapt to environmental changes and respond to natural disasters caused by rain.

  • DATE: December 11, 2019

    Application range and construction steps of adhesive stone

    What is a cementitious stone permeable pavement? What does it do? Adhesive stone permeable pavement is made of natural colored stones and high weather-resistant silicone-modified polyurethane resin through a special process. It has the characteristics of strong and beautiful, natural and bright color, and is not easy to fade. It is a novel artistic landscape paving material. Moreover, the cement-stone permeable pavement is ecologically and permeable.

  • DATE: December 09, 2019

    Method for improving strength of permeable concrete in Shanghai

    In order to improve the strength of Shanghai permeable concrete, we should work out ways to improve the strength of the permeable concrete from several aspects, such as optimizing the original data, adjusting the ratio, incorporating fine mineral admixtures, and organic reinforcement. 1. Reduce the coarse aggregate particle size

  • DATE: December 06, 2019

    Briefly describe the construction process of exposed concrete

    Exposed aggregate permeable concrete pavement system is a kind of porous, lightweight, fine-grain-free concrete, which has the characteristics of water permeability, ventilation, sound absorption and noise reduction, flood resistance, relief of the city's "heat island effect", and light weight. Permeable concrete paving

  • DATE: 04 December 2019

    Application scope of Zhejiang colored permeable concrete material

    Color permeable concrete is a new type of pavement material. Its performance characteristics are high water permeability, non-slip, adjusting the temperature of the ground and easy to clean. High impact strength and high peelability are better than ordinary mixed soil. The water-permeable pavement has stronger freeze-thaw resistance than ordinary concrete pavement, and it will not be affected by freeze-thaw surface fracture, because its structure itself

  • DATE: December 02, 2019

    Application of exposed aggregate permeable concrete

    Exposed aggregate permeable concrete is a mixture of permeable concrete materials such as natural stone, high-quality cement, reinforcing agents, etc., and the leveling property of the ground material, which is laid on the floor after compaction. Strength of. To a certain extent, the mud and stones wrapped in concrete surface are washed with water cannons.

  • DATE: November 29, 2019

    Precautions for permeable cement

    The colored stone is also called sticky stone. It is made of colored stones glued with special modified resin. The original materials are environmentally friendly, the colors are natural, elegant, and environmentally friendly. The thickness is generally 2cm, and any thickness can be specified. Put gold sand, colored pearl, black pearl, white jade, coffee red, topaz, pink jade

  • DATE: November 27, 2019

    Product characteristics and construction technology of exposed concrete

    Exposed aggregate permeable concrete uses cement as the bonding material. It binds a certain amount of aggregates together to form a porous pavement. It uses permeable concrete as the bottom layer to form a permeable paving floor. Its characteristic is to use the color and shape of natural stones

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