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Permeable concrete is also called porous concrete. It is developed by Europe, America, Japan, and other countries to address the pavement defects of the original urban roads, which can allow rainwater to flow into the ground and effectively supplement the groundwater; and can effectively eliminate the harm of environmental pollution caused by oil compounds on the ground; , Is an excellent pavement material that protects nature, maintains ecological balance, and can alleviate the urban heat island effect; it is beneficial to the healthy development of human living environment and urban rainwater management and water pollution prevention and other work, which has special significance.

The colored permeable pavement is similar to the ordinary pavement construction. Usually the pavement is densely graded and has a large slump. The color permeable pavement only uses aggregate crushed stone, cement and cementitious materials, which not only has a gradation of looseness, which can play the purpose of water permeability; but also participates in cementitious materials such as strengthening agents, which can play a high bearing role.


Aggregate strength must meet national standards, requiring uniform particle size without excessive dust. The particle size of the selected aggregate must not exceed one quarter of the thickness of the construction section of the color permeable floor. The exposed aggregates with various colors are selected to have a strong color decoration effect on the surface layer.


The requirements for colored water-permeable cements are: the strength grade must be 42.5, usually portland cement.

3.mixing agent

The main effect of the mixed polymer strong mixing agent is to greatly increase the "point bonding" strength between aggregates through the cross-linking effect of polymer cement, and at the same time play a role in reducing water and retarding.


4, covering agent

It is a two-component covering material dedicated to outdoor flooring, which has excellent weather resistance; high transparency and high abrasion resistance allow it to effectively maintain the vividness and abrasion resistance of colored pavement surfaces. Weather-resistant polyurethane finish is an isocyanate modified product with excellent yellowing resistance.

5, retarder

Retarder is specially used for surface treatment of cast-in-situ concrete aggregate. Delay the flushing time of the concrete surface to 24-48 hours after pouring, and calmly deal with large-scale exposed aggregates.

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the corporate purpose of "integrity, innovation, communication", "technology, service, after-sales" as the foundation of its founding, and formed an integrated service of production, supply and sales, following new materials. , Chemical industry, building materials and permeable materials are booming and perfecting themselves, so go forward together. Adhering to the service tenet of "Integrity, Harmony and Win-Win", we hope to establish long-term loyal, stable, win-win and common development partnership with our customers to promote the scientific development of the industry.

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