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  • Shanghai colored permeable concrete

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How much is the price of colored permeable concrete ? Nowadays, the application of colored permeable concrete is becoming more and more widespread. Many users do n’t know where to start when facing a full range of epoxy flooring. Quotations from various merchants are not different. When users choose colored permeable concrete Not only should we be able to meet our own needs but also bear the price of colored permeable concrete, then users need to brighten their eyes and strictly select, then how to choose a favorite colored permeable concrete in Tian? First, look at the production date of the epoxy. If the colored permeable concrete is stored for a long time, it may cause solidification and small gel particles. When we store colored permeable concrete , we usually store the epoxy coating in a dark and ventilated place. For example, if it is stored locally in high temperature and strong ultraviolet rays, it should not be longer than three months. Second, try not to pick a low-grade epoxy floor. In a market environment, value plays a very important element in the process of determining a quote. In the construction of low-grade colored pervious concrete, we often encounter fermentation and uneven appearance. In such a situation, in addition to incompatible materials mixed in the paint, such as water, oil, or other substances, the most important factor in determining the cause of the color permeable concrete is still poor epoxy quality. We should choose high-quality, compatible color permeable concrete coatings when selecting. Strictly prevent oil, water, surface active agents and other materials from mixing into the coating. The dust on the surface of the coated wooden board should be cleaned and cleaned to prevent the appearance of wax and other pollution.


The price of colored permeable concrete is reasonable, and the epoxy resin substrate, curing agent, and various modifiers and auxiliaries can be selected to prepare water-based epoxy resin coatings with different properties. Many performance characteristics of water-based epoxy coatings determine that it has a wider application prospect than solvent-based or solvent-free epoxy coatings. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that the application of water-based epoxy coatings mainly includes the following aspects: First, industrial floor coatings, which can be used as high-performance environment-compatible color water-permeable concrete instead of solvent-based epoxy coatings It can also be mixed with cement mortar as a polymer component to make high-performance polymer mortar flooring materials. The third is wood floor coatings, which can be formulated into varnishes for wooden floors, replacing solvent-based polyurethane crystal floor paints widely used in the market. Color-forming paint can replace solvent-based epoxy resin and polyurethane magnetic lacquer, and is used in kitchens, furniture, and mechanical equipment. Fourth, it is impervious to construction work. With the excellent mechanical properties of water-based epoxy coatings and good compatibility with cement, it can be prepared. High-strength coagulation.

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