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The practice of colored permeable concrete has changed most people's concept of concrete being gray. Some people say it's just adding color to it. Yes, only the color is added inside, but this pigment is not a common pigment we often see, it is a kind of special powder for concrete, and the addition amount of this pigment needs to be strictly required to make it. . The colored permeable concrete floor can make 3D effect patterns on the ground, and it can achieve realistic effects without bleaching and easy to maintain.

Performance of colored permeable concrete The colored permeable concrete is composed of the above four materials. After mixing into a concrete slurry with a mechanical mixer according to a certain ratio, it is quickly spread on the road surface to form a colored permeable concrete pavement.

1 Compressive strength (MPa)> 22

2 Flexural strength (MPa)> 4.5

3 Void ratio (%)> 18

4 Water permeability coefficient (mm / s) 2.5—4.8

5 Mass loss rate (%) ≤ 56 Strength loss rate (%) ≤ 25

Variety of colored permeable concrete

⑴Ordinary plain permeable concrete: Permeable concrete of ordinary cement color.

⑵Standard color permeable concrete: permeable concrete made of ordinary cement with inorganic weathering pigments. Color is average.

(3) Brilliant color permeable concrete: Permeable concrete composed of high-demand cement with additives and inorganic weather-resistant pigments, with bright colors.


Construction of colored permeable concrete

1. Preparation before construction: Three major preparations such as organization, material and technology should be made before construction.

1) Organizational preparation: The establishment of a sound construction project organization structure should be based on the principle of realizing the work tasks required by the construction project. The staffing should be strictly controlled, and one professional, multiple functions and one person with multiple positions should be strived for.

2) Material preparation: Permeable concrete construction is similar to cement concrete construction in that only sand is missing from the raw materials, and high-grade crushed stone with a certain particle size replaces the aggregate, which has a certain amount of material (cement, high material).

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