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  • 上海彩色透水混凝土
  • Shanghai colored permeable concrete

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Shanghai Color Permeable Concrete Product Introduction: A new type of porous lightweight lightweight environmental protection flooring material made of small stones, 42.5 cement, blended with color pervious concrete hardener, water, etc., with a certain proportion. Permeable concrete is coated with a layer of thin slurry on the surface of coarse aggregate and bonded to each other to form a honeycomb shape, which allows rainwater to flow into the ground and effectively supplement groundwater; and can effectively eliminate the harm of environmental pollution caused by oil compounds on the ground; And colorful, landscape integration, making urban environment construction more harmonious is an excellent permeable flooring material that protects nature, maintains ecological balance, and can alleviate the urban heat island effect. It is of far-reaching significance in urban rainwater management and water pollution prevention and other work, which is beneficial to the healthy development of human living environment.

1. Colored water-permeable concrete with high water permeability: Water-permeable concrete has 15% -25% porosity, which can make water permeability reach 31-52 liters / meter / hour, which is much higher than the most effective rainfall in the best drainage configuration. Discharge speed.

2. High bearing capacity: Approved by the national testing agency, the bearing capacity of permeable concrete can fully meet the bearing standards of C20-C25 concrete, which is higher than that of ordinary permeable bricks.


Good decorative effect: The permeable concrete has a color optimization ratio scheme, which can cooperate with the designer's unique creativity to achieve the decorative style required by different environments and personalities. This is difficult to achieve in general permeable bricks.

Easy maintenance: The pore blocking problem that people are worried about is not necessary. The unique water-permeable paving system makes it easy to solve by simply washing with high pressure.

Freeze-thaw resistance: Permeable concrete has stronger freeze-thaw resistance than ordinary concrete pavement, and will not be affected by freeze-thaw surface fracture because its structure has large pores.

Durability: The durability and abrasion resistance of permeable concrete is better than that of bitumen, which is close to the ordinary floor, which avoids the shortcomings of general permeable bricks such as short service life and uneconomical.

High heat dissipation: The low density of the material itself (15-25% voids) reduces the ability to store heat. The unique pore structure allows lower underground temperatures to enter the ground and reduce the temperature of the entire paved ground. These characteristics make Permeable concrete is close to the ground covered by natural vegetation in terms of heat absorption and heat storage functions.

Construction process: compaction of plain soil (compaction degree ≥93%) → paving and compaction of graded crushed stone → finding the level or formwork support → paving the reference large-hole permeable concrete → installing the base joint expansion joint material → paving the surface layer at the same time High load-bearing colored permeable concrete → Film-covered health → Expansion joint cutting → Surface cleaning treatment → Sprayed permeable concrete colored strong sealant after drying → Inspection → Completion.

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