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Jiangsu colored permeable concrete has many advantages and characteristics. Compared with ordinary concrete materials, it can better embellish the urban environment, make the urban environment more beautiful, clean and tidy, and alleviate urban drainage pressure. Colored permeable Concrete has many practical advantages. Today, Xiaobian mainly talks about the construction of colored permeable concrete pavement. In order to allow the colored permeable concrete to play a more perfect application advantage, let's talk about what problems need attention in construction.

First of all, it is recommended that we choose a professional and regular colored permeable concrete manufacturer, which is an important raw material for pavement construction. If you want to ensure that the construction process is smoother, you can also ensure that the role of construction reaches a better standard, and you can play with the color permeable Concrete should have advantages, raw materials must be selected reasonably, and they must be purchased from regular professional manufacturers. Naturally, construction quality is guaranteed.


Secondly, you need to choose a regular professional construction team, so that you can ensure that the color permeable concrete construction process and technical level reach a higher standard, prevent various unexpected conditions from appearing during the construction process, and make the road surface more flat. The quality of the application is better. In order to fully display the advantages of colored permeable concrete on the ground, it is important to choose a professional construction team, and the ability of staff is very important.

What are the permeable concrete construction steps in Jiangsu

Mixing: The consistency of the cement slurry in the permeable concrete construction mixture is large and the quantity is small. In order to ensure that the cement slurry can be evenly wrapped on the orthopedics, a forced mixer should be used. The mixing time is more than 5 minutes.

Pouring: Before pouring, the subgrade must be wet with water. Otherwise, the rapid loss of water in permeable concrete construction will weaken the bond strength between the aggregates. Because the permeable concrete construction mixture is relatively dry and hard, spread the well-mixed permeable floor and good permeable floor materials on the roadbed.

Vibration: During the pouring process of permeable concrete construction, it is not suitable to vibrate or tamp. Generally, the flat-bed vibrator is used to lightly vibrate the water-permeable concrete mixture. However, care must be taken not to use a high-frequency vibrator, otherwise the concrete will be too dense, reducing the porosity and affecting the water-permeable effect. At the same time, the high-frequency vibrator will cause the cement slurry to separate from the coarse aggregate surface and flow into the bottom to form an impervious layer, which will cause the material to lose its water permeability.

Permeable concrete is a new type of environmentally friendly floor. After reasonable proportioning, the colored pervious floor has about 20% of pores. Rain (snow) water can quickly supplement the city's open water resources. Due to its rough appearance, it can absorb the noise generated by vehicles. Permeable concrete construction can reduce the heat reflected by sunlight in the air, lower the air temperature, reduce the "heat island effect", and increase walking comfort and safety.

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