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The colored permeable concrete permeable floor in Shanghai allows rainwater to flow into the ground, which is useful to make up for groundwater and alleviate some urban environmental doubts such as the sharp drop in groundwater levels in cities. And it can effectively eliminate the damage to the environmental pollution caused by oil compounds on the ground; together, it is an excellent paving material to maintain groundwater, maintain ecological balance, and reduce the urban heat island effect;

Colored concrete permeable floor-superiority of paving:

1. The distance of laying the colored concrete permeable floor has advanced the warmth and safety of walking.

2. When the rainfall is concentrated, it can reduce the burden of drainage equipment and avoid rising water levels and water pollution.


3. It can make the rainwater enter the decontamination quickly, restore the decontamination water, adhere to the soil moisture, and adjust the ecological balance.

4. Avoid road surface water, no reflection at night, increase road safety and traffic warmth

5. Scheduling the temperature and humidity of urban space, improving the urban thermal cycle and mitigating the heat island effect

6. Large vacancy rate can reduce road noise when vehicles are traveling and create a warm traffic environment

7. A large number of vacancies can absorb urban pollutants (such as dust) and reduce dust pollution.

8.Easy to maintain, the vacancy will not be damaged, and it is not easy to be blocked.

9. Able to choose materials with different thicknesses and colors according to the requirements of the planning drawings, and arrive in a satisfactory fit with the planning concept of the plan.

The colored concrete permeable floor pavement is the most common breathable pavement in the establishment of sponge cities. A bucket of water was splashed on the ground, and it soaked down in a few seconds, and disappeared in one minute. Water can be drunk during the journey, and after being exposed and collected for use, pervious paving such as permeable concrete , colored concrete permeable floor, permeable bricks, and permeable asphalt pavements has become a distinctive feature of the "open road for Chinese cities".

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